I will review website as a user and provide feedback and tips

review website as a user and provide feedback and tips

About This Gig

Great. You have build a website and already make it live. But don't you want to know the user experience on your website before you further promote it. Definitely, I think. Reviewing your website is very necessary in order to make your users feel comfortable on your website. 
It provides a soothing relaxation to know that your users are satisfied.
So. in order to provide your website users an ease of access, I will review your site as an ordinary user,  thoroughly go through your website, and then provide you feedback on basis of what I experienced on your website in a proper format.
My feedback can help you in making improvements on your website and thus brings lot of visitors.

Why Hire Me?
  • Have a vast experience on building websites, of almost four years.
  • Have built an own WordPress blog which is live for almost three years.
  • Have built a forum on WordPress as a university project.
  • Have worked and assist on many other websites and blogs.
  • My past work will be shown on demand.