I will promote your page to 42,000 followers

promote your page to 42,000 followers

About This Gig


I am an active blogger that updates his blog daily, I currently have over 40,000 followers on tumblr and my count is increasing daily.  With this amount I am able to give your blog/website a good amount of traffic. The promotion will be visible on my tumblr to people that follow me, and people that are viewing my tumblr.

"I can guarantee that followers will view the promotion, but what they do after that I cannot control, I am just merely placing the advertisement on my website. "

I will post ONE PROMOTION POST FOR AN HOUR. You can decide on how I advertise your blog/website, with:
  • A text post
  • A link 
  • An audio post
  • A video

"Persistency and speed is my main objective, to helping you meet your goal" 

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1 day delivery