I will brainstorm your book or article title

brainstorm your book or article title
brainstorm your book or article title

About This Gig

What's the #1 reason your non-fiction work doesn't sell? Cover? Editing? Formatting? Yes they all are true but they are ONLY the secondary reasons.

#1 reason your book doesn't sell is because of the title. In fact, various research studies have consistently shown that the TITLE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 70% OF THE SALES (other things being equal).

Take EMOTION out of the equation when coining up the title of your non-fiction manuscript or article.

You MUST use OPTIMIZED keyword in the title and subtitle. Please think about the following questions: 
  • Do any of the words/phrases in your title get searched on Amazon?  
  • If so, to what extent? How many times a month do they get searched? 
  • Does your title reflect the pain point (PROBLEMS)?
  • Does your title provide the SOLUTION? 
  • Does it reflect the URGENCY and SCARCITY?

Using my copy writing skills, I will suggest you the title for your non-fiction books. Simply provide your tentative title or keywords and we will go from there. Note: you must give tentative title for your fiction books.  

DO NOT leave your sales to chance. Do something about it. Get your title right. Order my basic gig. It could be your best investment in your book project. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you coin up titles for fiction books as well?
    Yes but you must give me the tentative titles. As simply keyword research-based titles may not make sense in case of fictions, it is important that you suggest me your tentative fiction title.
  • How about subtitles? Do they come as part of the gig?
    Sure. BOTH title and subtitle come as part of the basic gig!
  • Do you also coin up titles/subtitles for SEO or blog articles?
    Sure. The same principles apply. Your title/subtitle must be optimized wherever you publish your work.
  • What are other services?
    I will suggest up to 3 titles/sub-titles (both of fiction or non-fiction) and run an email survey with my 300+ contacts/authors on GoodReads as part of the A/B split test. I will provide the results to you with some examples of the responses. Please message me and to discuss the project/price.
  • Do I need to share my manuscript with you?
    Not really. Your manuscript is precious -please keep it with yourself and DO NOT distribute it unnecessarily. Some people in Fiverr ask you to share the manuscript with you but do you think they will read it? I don't think so. All I need here is the tentative titles/sub-titles or keywords.