I will rewrite your optimized book description

rewrite your optimized book description

About This Gig

Why doesn't your book sell a single copy on Amazon or other online platforms? It's because you don't make it DISCOVERABLE enough: 

1. you don't know what relevant KEYWORDS people search for on Amazon (or other platforms);
2. you don't know HOW OFTEN the keywords are searched for;
3. you don't know how to USE those keywords to OPTIMIZE your book (product) description. 

Yes, I rewrite your product description but with a difference. I identify the five (5) MOST searched keywords on Amazon relevant to your work and use them to rewrite your 100-word product description. It's called product description optimization. 

If you optimize and make your work more discoverable, it's more likely to be sold. This gig will prove to be a wise investment. Take action, get results.