I will html Code your Amazon book description

html Code your Amazon book description

About This Gig

  • Are you sick of formating your book description on Amazon wtih HTML codes?
  • Can't figure out how to add bullets, numbers, bold, or italitize your texts?
  • Can't arrange your paragraphs as you exactly want?

Trust me - you've come to the right place! I will help you sell MORE books.

You simply send me your description in Word (max 3500 characters including spaces) and I will send you the HTML coded description. 

All you need to do then is to copy and paste the description on your dashboard. If you wish, I can also upload this for you (please see the extra gig below). 

Remember - the description is the next thing the readers see after your book cover. Research shows that you have only 7 seconds to capture their attention before they click the "back" button. So your description MUST be instantly impressive, uncluttered and highlighted.

If I do not do the formatting as per your requirements, I will refund your money. So, you have nothing to lose. Please take this 100% risk-free gig as your investment to sell MORE books

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HTML Code of your Amazon book description

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