I will convert your picture into a quality meme

convert your picture into a quality meme

About This Gig

Memes have taken over the internet by storm because they are an easy and clever means of quickly communicating a specific feeling/thought to the public by associating it with a relatable picture. 

Now here's your chance to become a meme, your proverbial 15seconds of fame (although, we all know memes that have stuck around much much longer!)

"Why should I go for this?", you ask. Well I have travelled all around the world to extensively study meme culture and recently graduated with a masters in memeology. Just kidding you guys, I have a lot of spare time which I devote to scrolling through memes that grace my social media platforms! And I thought I'd apply what I've found entertaining/picked up, to actually creating memes myself :)

So please send me funny pictures you've taken of yourself, your family, your pets or just anything really, and I'll edit+caption it and send it back! 

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1 day delivery 1 Revision

Give your life meme-ing

Send me a photograph of you and/or a loved one for me to edit and add a funny caption to!

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