I will provide a short feedback on your screenplay

provide a short feedback on your screenplay
provide a short feedback on your screenplay

About This Gig

I am a creative writing degree graduate with a specialisation in screenwriting. I have been writing stories since I was four. I have been writing large manuscripts since 1995 I was thirteen. I have written 3 short novels, 3 feature film screenplays, a book of poetry, a short play and a tv pilot which was well received by my national tv station but ultimately passed on due to the constraints of their budget. (they couldn't shoot it on less than NZ$10k.) I am an expert in helping people write screenplays. I know writing inside and out, I know what works and what doesn't. I'm a rebellious, anarchistic and imaginative writer - with a high level of intellect. I can help you. Please give me a go, I'm sure you will benefit greatly from my help.

Please send me a 3-130 page script and I will read it within 10 days and give you a 200 word article outlining areas that could be altered/improved/developed as well as suggestions for improvement methods (and ideas for characters, dialogue, story events, backstory, structure, world, setting, plotting - if you want them.)

I do not require credit for helping you.

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I will provide small feedback

I will provide a short article outlining areas where you could improve your script with suggestions

  • Up to 200 Words
  • Feedback
10 days delivery
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