I will reformat your script for you

reformat your script for you

About This Gig

I have produced 5 short movies shot on video including student projects - all on zero budgets. I have a screenwriting degree. Am currently writing 1 young adult novel, a short novel, a food book, 2 blogs, games, scripts and 7 films which I'm also producing and doing art direction. I've been writing large manuscripts for 21 years with 6 completed including 3 feature film scripts during my degree and a TV pilot which TVNZ liked but said they couldn't afford to produce. I've been designing games and making films since I was a kid. But I'm new to art - since 2013 when I started studying at The Learning Connexion.I won a 10hr mentorship for my novel in development from the NZSA in 2012. I've finished 3 short novels and a stage play.

What I do is rewrite your treatment (like a script but more like a short novel) as a professional standard script. But a full script would be about 28k words, so usually what I do is just a few pages to get you started. In this case, for $700 and for a limited time I am willing to translate your treatment into a full script - but I WILL require partial writing credit as "screenplay by".

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20 days delivery

reformat your script

transform your 80-130pg treatment into a 80-130pg script, I will expect partial credit - "script by"

  • Up to 28600 Words
  • Print Layout
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