I will cast the most powerful love spell within 48 hours

cast the most powerful love spell within 48 hours
cast the most powerful love spell within 48 hours
cast the most powerful love spell within 48 hours

About This Gig

Welcome to Valenica Magic and more!

My name is Valerie Valencia, and I am a sixth generation witch and modern vampire. From the earliest age I was taught to think differently about the world. The fact that we all think that what we see in front of us is all there is, is in fact as far from the truth as one can get. The world is filled with magic and miracles, but, the world has turned a blind eye to it.

Magic is still here, it never left, we simply chose to ignore it.

I have been taught in the old ways, and know how to harness the energies around and within me. I can direct this energy into a powerful chant/spell that can accomplish miracles.

Let me help you gain back the love you lost, or the love you so desperately desire. With the Mystarian Codex at my side, I can call upon the celestial bodies above us to change your very fate. The catch is that a payment must be made, equal to the sacrifice created by this spell. In this case a payment of money (representing life's energy) will be sufficient to balance this request.

The rest of the story is up to you to fulfill. I can create the door for you, will you step through?


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2 days delivery

The Mystarian Codex Love Spell

I will cast the most powerful love spell that I know, The Mystarian Codex love spell, Astaire Amora.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to take effect?
    From my experience, it's almost immediate. You'll feel it first, then you'll see signs all around you. Your ex texting you back, our the longing stares of complete strangers. The universe WILL make your desire manifest. it will just take a bit of time.
  • What happens if the spell doesn't work?
    You won't have to worry about that, my spells never fail to meet their mark. The most likely explanation is that your expectations were far higher than what was possible in your situation. No two clients are alike.