I will write your Message on my Legs

This seller is smoking hot and so much fun to talk and work with! anyone looking for the products she sells on here, you cannot go wrong! youre awesome girl! :) mikesmitty
Reviewed by mikesmitty over 1 year ago
well it wasnt what i asked for but i will live..i over payed for 2pics... $20 is a bit much for 2 normal pics..i have others who send 5-20 pics for 5.the whole reason everyone is on the site...
Reviewed by mrmoore907 almost 2 years ago
write your Message on my Legs
write your Message on my Legs

About This Gig

I will write your messages on my legs to promote your Business or for Individuals. 
I can take out pictures Indoor and Outdoor too if you have a Special request for that I can make arrangements for it.
I will promote almost any kind of writing on my Legs Except for Porn.
I will not promote any Porn sites or do any Nudity.
That is totally out of the question So please do not Ask me for any Nudity or else you will leave me no choice but to report you to fiverr.
All pictures is High Quality Standard.
I can also write your signs on my chest too if you request.
Fast delivery is also available too and it will cost an extra.
I do not give any Free Samples because other Folks ask for samples and when I give them it they did not order from me so that is the reason why I would not give any samples to anyone. 
Any other question just inbox me and I can see to work something out.
Also you can leave a tip for a job well done. See you soon

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