I will give u 3 Mandala Tattoos colored or blackandwhite

Added excellent celtic detail to the mandala designs. I could not be happier with how they turned out!
Reviewed by cellardweller about 2 months ago
Excellent work, would highly recommend. Very good communication and high quality art. Thank you!
Reviewed by xuelianangie almost 2 years ago
give u 3 Mandala Tattoos colored or blackandwhite

About This Gig

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle Mandalas have spiritual and ritual significance in Hinduism and Buddhism Can be designed for Tattoos 

I have designed these for last 4 years across to globe for meditation centres in USA , France, South Africa, Germany,Australia, China, Korea, Spain, Russia,India, Japan and Italy. 

People have used them differently as Tattoos, logos, icons,for decorations,banners,themes,bookmark icons, these have even been used as centre point in meditation centres  for practising meditation and also  by doctors for hypnotism. These have also been used in schools for teaching color and geometric shapes. These have many more uses depending on your imagination.