I will provide you INSTAGRAM Marketing Platform

provide you INSTAGRAM Marketing Platform
provide you INSTAGRAM Marketing Platform

About This Gig

Hello Fiverr users! 

If you want to make Instagram Marketing easy for you, then you are in the right place. It works perfect for Agencies, Marketers too! + SKYPE Consultation and Ongoing Support

What the Platform can do?

- Follow / Like / Unfollow (target locations, popular accounts foll0wers, hashtags)

- Whitelist / Blacklist (import your current people you f0llow and add people to blacklist if you don't want to interact with them)

- Statistics and Analytics (incredible statistics of your account, track your f0llowers and where they are coming from  and you can easily eliminate the sources which are not bringing you great results)

- Gender Targeting (choose who you want to foll0w/like, Everyone, Males, Females)

- Set your Limits (you can easily select the limits and once the account will reach that limit it will start automatically unfoll0wing people, the same would happen with unf0llowing)

- E mail Notification System (you will receive notification message if there is something happening with your  )

- Manage Multiple Accounts (manage multiple accounts from one platform and if you have more than 20 accounts, search box will be enabled and you can easily find your account)

Order Details

3 days delivery


1 Month Access to Platform + Setup + Marketing Tools + Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How this platform works?
    This is a web platform, you will have your Login and Password and you can access it at anytime and manage everything.
  • Do I need Proxies?
    No, you don't! We integrated everything already and you don't need to worry about that :)
  • Is it Safe?
    Yes, the platform is Safe, however you have to make sure your account is at least 1 month old and has 10 or more posts. It's also recommended to start running young accounts at Fast Speed (initial first speed)
  • Is it better than INSTAGRESS?
    Yes, the platform is much better and much more user friendly. We constantly update new features and integrating them.