I will name or title anything

name or title anything
name or title anything

About This Gig

What does every successful property in our world have in common?  You named it.

My knack for nomenclature is rooted in my own offbeat but memorable moniker.  I have titled autobiographies, documentaries, events, and novels. I've named inventions, occupations,  and foods. Don't fret over devising a name for your business, product, protagonist, book, web series, mobile app, etc. I'm here to do the lifting for you.

For $5 I will provide a endearing name or title for anything. Simply provide all the material, specs, and/or information you believe should be considered on ordering. I will not ask twice.

If you absolutely need alternatives or a matching available .com domain, see Gig Extras.

I no longer advertise 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on this gig, but I always honor requests for cancellations, and modifications when they make sense.