I will professionally evaluate your YouTube channel

Incredible speed and very insightful views. He really goes above and beyond to make his point across. Great work.
Reviewed by robe13 almost 3 years ago
professionally evaluate your YouTube channel

About This Gig

I have: a degree in film, 6 years experience as an international film festival programmer, and three much watched YouTube channels that have received millions of views of which my ongoing vlog gains 100,000 each month through near-daily uploads: https://www.youtube.com/user/VaughnFryWillDie

For $5, I will watch and critique some of your latest videos (depends on how many you have), and give you pointers on how to better your channel.

This is blunt, highly personalized expert advice that fits your skill level and you will not find anywhere else. The possibility exists that you may be told to scrap your present direction and/or entire production particularly if you DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO THE CONTENT YOU HAVE UPLOADED.