I will make recommendations to improve your SEO strategy

make recommendations to improve your SEO strategy

About This Gig

Are you a professional or an individual who is carrying out SEO by your self? Do you already have a strategic plan for your website?

By purchasing this service I will analyze and evaluate your current SEO plan for your website and make effective recommendations to improve your strategy and obviously your search engine rankings.

SEO is becoming one of the most competitive tasks to handle and even you do have a strategy planned out, if it's at its primary stage and not effective you will be wasting your money for nothing but for bunch of useless and crappy backlinks.

What you have to do : 

1. Send me your SEO strategy that you have planned
2. Send me your Website URL (It's important because each site has to be approached with a different strategy to gain maximum rankings)

I will amend and adjust your strategy and give my opinions and make effective personal and professional opinions (Pros & Cons , Improvement Tips) to make your it perfect.

Basically I will consult you to make your strategy a perfect and result driven one.

You will receive a detailed Document including the above facts