I will give you understanding or advice for any relationship

give you understanding or advice for any relationship
give you understanding or advice for any relationship
give you understanding or advice for any relationship

About This Gig

I have become good at guessing people's astrological sign within minutes of meeting them, and describe anyone very well. I understand the core problems each sign faces as well as strengths. We all have our own unique issues.

Not understanding the things that will never change (that you wish would) about a person will always leave you frustrated and wondering what you did wrong. Or overbearing people may be natural leaders.

So you can decide what to give up on, what can be changed with a little help, if you want to accept that person, or move on to someone more compatible.

I will succinctly narrow down that person's traits that will rarely change. You can describe the situation, or ask what you can expect as far as success in any area of life...(as a friend, work, what makes them happy, etc).  I will also describe your sign to you and how it does or does not fit with your partner's sign.

For an extra $5 I will give you a quick guide that tells you the updated astrology dates and what I remember when meeting new people to know who to avoid, or who I enjoy most, and which relationships will last, or who to trust with the situation at hand!

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1 day delivery 1 Revision

One relationship analysis

Includes easy, fast, proven techniques to understand why your relationship isn't working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is this better than an in-depth reading?
    Knowing these main problems will help you quickly ask the right question to see if the person has matured and worked on his/her issues, or if they are still a big problem for them. By knowing the most important issue, in order for you to know if you can move forward with this person, or avoid them
  • What do you mean updated astrology dates?
    The earth loses a day every 74 years. Western astrology hasn't updated their dates until just a few months ago (to align with the current position of the stars) This is why many people feel their sign doesn't reflect who they are, and don't believe in astrology! Give it a try...i will surprise you!