I will do onpage optimization for 5 landing pages for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
do onpage optimization for 5 landing pages
do onpage optimization for 5 landing pages

About This Gig

The process of optimizing a website addresses a number of aspects, including:

  • The design and coding structure of the site or how “search engine friendly” the HTML code or mark-up language of the website’s back-end.

  • The organization of pages throughout the website in terms of site architecture, navigation paths, and overall keyword relevancy (URL naming conventions).

  • The internal linking structure of any site and how well pages are linked together (with respect to usability and keyword relevancy).

  • The proper usage of targeted keywords and phrases and how sufficient those key terms are used in various parts of the website’s content.

  • The use of rich media, such as images and video, and how well that media has been optimized

I'll do complete analyze of your webpages and fix all the errors and optimize the pages for your preferred key phrases by analyzing your competitor.