I will do your promo video with my ventriloquist puppet

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by efoolin 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by micmar20 8 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by hunterzpointz 9 months ago
Great gig, thanks!
Reviewed by lumitumi about 1 year ago
Good Job!
Reviewed by madrhiggerone about 1 year ago
Fantastic! Exactly what I wanted and so pleased with the result. Thank you Johnathan!
Reviewed by gcounterfilms about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by brandon1984g over 1 year ago
Amazing & Spot on - thankyou SO MUCH!
Reviewed by mrseadog over 1 year ago
You, sirs, are both amazing! Thank you so much for this great gig!!!! Will definitely be ordering more in the future!
Reviewed by antietamcc over 1 year ago
Thanks so much!
Reviewed by jamiecollab almost 2 years ago
Great stuff. I'll be back
Reviewed by allchristie about 2 years ago
Reviewed by dw40593 about 2 years ago
Ventriloquist is awesome. Rushed the order to me. Did exactly what the project needed. Brightened everyone's day.....Great vendor! Would use again....
Reviewed by nickmarks818 about 2 years ago
Reviewed by ulrik123 over 2 years ago
He's the best :)
Reviewed by truthubble over 2 years ago
do your promo video with my ventriloquist puppet
do your promo video with my ventriloquist puppet
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About This Gig

I will use one of my ventriloquist puppets to create your promo web video.

Please watch my gig video to see the puppets from which you may choose: Ezra, Danny, Sam Suede, Shmendrik, Chippy or Aunt Sarah. Send me your script of 30 words or less (stage directions count; line attributions don't) and your choice of the puppet. 

If your script is more than 30 words, please buy an additional gig unit for each additional 30 words. (1 gig for 1-30 words; 2 gigs for 31-60 words; 3 gigs for 61-90 words, etc.)

For rush orders, buy one ExtraFast extra ($10) for each 100 words.

I can edit your script. I am a very experienced writer/performer and I know what works best with my puppet partners. Buy one "edit your script" gig for every 60 words of script that you send me.(The edited script that I shoot may not be the same word count.) 

Or I can write the script! Send me your ideas before ordering, and I will send you a custom quote.

Add your logo/custom titles. Limit two placements per upgrade. 

Default size: 854x480. Upgrade below for 1920x1080p HD.

We reserve the right to cancel any order we consider to be in poor taste.

Order Details

7 days delivery

Short Video

Up to 30 words of supplied script