I will write an advertisement and provide basic graphics

write an advertisement and provide basic graphics

About This Gig

Hey, do you need someone who will write up a basic advertisement for you? How about an individual that can produce basic graphics and assemble adds in programs such as adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator? Well, look no further! I am a collage student looking to get into freelance writing, advertisement, and marketing. Honestly, I don't really need the five dollars, all I need is the opportunity to test my skills, and learn from real jobs in the field of online advertising. I will write anything you need, provided it isn't longer then a page, and provide basic, simple graphics, such as logos, borders, and similar. Upon request, I can also compile the advertisement in Indesign, and send it in the format of your choice. Thank you for your consideration. I can promise you as much quality as my current skills will allow, and that warm feeling you get when you know your helping this nations youth in troubling economic times.

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2 days delivery