I will fix ssl https mixed contents issues in Wordpress

fix ssl https mixed contents issues in Wordpress
fix ssl https mixed contents issues in Wordpress

About This Gig


Do you have problems in setting up https in Wordpress, because you receive an annoying error and you don't get the Green Padlock?

If yes, I can help you to completely secure your website by fixing all the issues.

With this Gig, you can secure not only one page, but your ENTIRE WEBSITE. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question or doubt!

Gig Features:

 -->  Changing all the URLs to HTTPS

 -->  Set up the dedicated plugin
 -->  (Optional) Migrate your URLs from Http to Https (if not done correctly, you will risk losing ALL your rankings on Google)

Not sure how to start? Contact me right away so I can help you!

Stop reading and contact me, then place an order! 


If you are not 100% satisfied with my work, I will refund your money!

Order Details

Fix SSL problems in Wordpress

Fix mixed content error in Wordpress in ALL pages of the website.

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the change from Http to Https affect rankings?
    Yes, it will surely affect your rankings. That is because Google treats Http and Https version of the page as different pages, so if you don't set up the SEO correctly, you will risk losing all your hard-earned rankings. You can choose the option Seo Migrate if you want me to take care of this!
  • You wrote that you will install a plugin. Can't I do the job myself then?
    Technically is true: I will install a plugin. But this plugin won't make magic things if you don't set up the correct URLs in Wordpress and in its Database. I urge you to try it out yourself: install the plugin and check if it fixes the issues. If not, I will help you :)