I will research Products For Your Amazon ECommerce Stores

research Products For Your Amazon  ECommerce Stores

About This Gig

Are you into ECommerce via Amazon or a Digital Publisher on the Kindle Store or Plan to Create one, then you must ensure that your listing is Properly Optimized to Rank for Buyer Key-words.
I will Streamline your product research.  Extract rank, sales volume, estimated revenue, find out where it is being sold on other sites, source product and more.
The data I will provide you include Best Seller Ranks, Category  Nodes, Source the Product Quickly, Spy on your competitor, Mobile Scan Mobile Scan Brainstorm Product Pricing, Instantly know Ratings , Related Keywords, Reverse search , Revenue Estimator Most people Searching for Items or Digital Contents on the Amaazon Store do so by Typing in one or more Keywords and if you do not have keywords that are sought after, you will not make much sales. When you place your Order for this Gig, I will Research the  Kindle Store for your Primary Keyword and i will Deliver them to you in an Excel Sheet. Also for those Already Published Books and would Love to Analyze the Competition they have in their Niche, you can also Order for this Gig, then  Send me your Book URL and i Will Analyze the existing Competition for your Kindle