I will find the most auspicious day for you

find the most auspicious day for you
find the most auspicious day for you

About This Gig

I have been studying Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and tons of other esoteric things ever since I was a teenager.  All this information has served me well and I'm eternally grateful for my gifts.  What I would like to offer you here is just a small facet of my abilities.  Using my knowledge and empathic intuition I will help you find the best date to  
*get surgery *married *launch a business, organization, promotion  *register a website  *buy and sell.     I am open to hearing what you have in store for your life.  There are so many tools that are given to us to make our lives flow smoother.  Why not utilize them?  You will receive at least a 500 word document on the ONE area of focus you have.  If you can only work within certain dates, please list those.  I will also need your first name, birthdate, time and place of birth.  This will give you confidence to make your big move.

Order Details

Best day to launch your focus.

I will send you a document of at least 500 words that outline the best day for you to proceed.

5 days delivery