I will get You ANXIETY Relief in Fifteen Minutes or less

get You ANXIETY Relief in Fifteen Minutes or less
get You ANXIETY Relief in Fifteen Minutes or less
get You ANXIETY Relief in Fifteen Minutes or less
get You ANXIETY Relief in Fifteen Minutes or less

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Description Anxiety Session Anxiety Session Extended Time Anxiety & Energetic Healing
  20-30 minute session and tools for overcoming your ANXIETY post session. You will feel better. 31-45 minute session. Coaching with tools to help. Longer session to overcome ANXIETY & STRESS Session with Energy Healing for physical, emotional, mental PAIN relief & Tools. Up to 60 minutes.
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About This Gig

In my profession, I help people overcome their anxieties, depression, and stress successfully on their first session over Skype or the Phone, while also helping clients solve difficult decisions and problems in their lives.

I will use Energy Reiki Healing and Mindfulness Therapy to teach you how to maintain a life of peace and I provide you the tools to help you live drama-free, following the foundation of Law of Attraction principles.

You will get advice that will be comfortable, fitting, and effective for you.

If you really want a change, for the better, in your life, you can count on feeling at peace and calm during and after your session.  

It will take little effort on your part- no matter what you are going through or how long you've been having anxiety problems.

I am a Bodywork Therapist at Release the Pain and Release the Stress in Sacramento, CA.

Being confidant of my ability and my mission, which is to help people feel better and have a happier life- you have my 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

I look forward to helping you get Anxiety & Stress Relief within one hour or less.

Contact me for any information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is our Anxiety Relief session?
    It will be scheduled within 2 days of ordering. For same day session, order special gig.
  • Disclaimer
    I am not a physician. Please consult with your doctor for any medical advice. This is not to replace professional medical treatment from your Primary care physician.
  • Where will the Anxiety Relief Session be held at?
    The anxiety relief session is held over Skype or the Phone. You can live anywhere in the world and still get anxiety relief help. I am in the California time zone- PST. I will need to know what city you live in, what time zone, what days and time span is good for you, plus your contact info.