I will provide you an app to your unique 1stSweetMillion Strategy

About This Gig

An app in your pocket re your personal Goals-Vision-Passion. Your 1st key steps to your 1st-Sweet-Million and unique freedom.

** The $5 proceed  shall be donated into Amigoals Foundation to help 1 million people by 2017**

An innovative and inspiring "MBA program" in your pocket.  amigoals innovative app  gets you to work towards your 1st-Sweet-Million plus your unique freedom immediately

What is amigoals app?

Amigoals app is a fun and quixotic way to share your Goals-Vision-Passion (GVP) interactively with amazing people. The app helps translate your dreams into actions, into reality.

Using amigoals, capture your epiphanies, your dreams, your unique passion as vividly. Thereafter, publish your epiphanies on the Goals-Vision-Passion platform and attract cool connections who will become your A-Team for life. 

Imagine a world more beautiful through Goals-Vision-Passion based on your unique Joy-Meaning-Strengths.

How does one use amigoals?

Download the app, sign in and within one minute you could easily dream or publish your 1st GVP statement, kick-starting the vital 1st step.

Order Details

5 days delivery