I will install WORDPRESS theme and customize your website

install WORDPRESS theme and customize your website

About This Gig

This Gig is simple. 

I offer to help you do one wordpress task for $5. 

If you have more than one task or you want to make a whole website from start to finish or any series of task at a time, contact me first before making the order. 

I am almost always online. 

Even if I am not online, I still respond to messages within minutes. 

The tasks that I can do include

  • Install wordpress.

  • Install any wordpress plugin and make it work.

  • Install wordpress theme.

  • Customize your theme to your taste.

  • Make adjustments to your wordpress website.

  • Make all types of customizations to your wordpress website.

Order with confidence; 

You are one step away from professionalism; 

You can't score if you don't take the shot;

I respond within minutes.

Thank you

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