I will draw professional White board Explainer Video

Took a little longer than expected due to technical issues but overall experience was good.
Reviewed by hgpcorp 2 months ago
What a great effort done in delivering what I needed! Thanks!
Reviewed by markvandenbroek 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by markvandenbroek 2 months ago
Thank you Victoria!
Reviewed by locktitestorage 3 months ago
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It was good work done! Together we formed a team!
Reviewed by markvandenbroek 3 months ago
nice explanatory video that follows the order. Good communication
Reviewed by danielcreus 3 months ago
Great service and fast response. Made the requested revisions quickly. Thanks!
Reviewed by brieriefp 3 months ago
We sent a hand drawn concept to this professional and not only did she bring the concept to life, but she also made it fantastic. She communicates far better than others I have used n Fiverr and made all the adjustments we needed until it was perfect. She is definitely one of the best on Fiverr. My new "Go to" for sure!
Reviewed by presidenthearn 3 months ago
VictoriaAnimate is fantastic. She sourced the appropriate components and worked with us on every detail. She is prompt, professional and skilled. We have chosen her as our go-to person for video projects. Best experience. The final version is sure to be exactly what we are looking for, Highly recommend!
Reviewed by presidenthearn 4 months ago
draw professional White board Explainer Video
draw professional White board Explainer Video
draw professional White board Explainer Video
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About This Gig

Are you ready to experience a transformation in the field of white board animation?

I offer Quality Whiteboard Animations and Explainer Videos!

Just Provide me :

  • Script 
  • Voice over (if any)
  • Background music (if any)
  • Images (if any)

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Quality work will be surely delivered to you on time and every time.

Feel free to ask any questions, I'm 24/7 available for you !!

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7 days delivery


Whiteboard Explainer Video

  • Up to 80 Words
  • Background Music