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We like the final product very much! Though we did not make it by the deadline, we are able to forgive because the seller had some private emergencies. As far as the actual video, we recommend! Thanks videoartist1!
Reviewed by thepalmerstuart 7 months ago
Excellent work, as always!
Reviewed by ashaleigh1 10 months ago
this seller has been very patient with me, as i am very particular, and want a perfect product. I would like to say thank you. their has been some system faults with Fiverr and the seller was not able to receive my emails, so the late delivery was no fault of the seller. Thank you.
Reviewed by mrjsingh over 1 year ago
Whoa - thank you SO MUCH guys, this turned out even better than I had hoped! Absolutely wonderful experience working with you - you will certainly be seeing me again!!
Reviewed by svliquors over 1 year ago
Very happy with this seller. Quality work at an amazing price. will hire again!
Reviewed by ddtreasures over 1 year ago
Perfect! Great communicator. Always knew where the project was up to. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by xerapl over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by davidprice499 over 1 year ago
Hired him the 2nd time around. He's great with his work and on time!
Reviewed by ashdin over 1 year ago
thank you - Great job.
Reviewed by denardavis over 1 year ago
Great first time experience with Fiverr and designer. Made a mistake when I typed up wording and it was an easy fix for them to do. Great video for a great price, can't wait to see what he can create with extras purchased.
Reviewed by jtucker16 almost 2 years ago
Very Creative! Fast Response!. AWESOME WORK!!!
Reviewed by bosedebello almost 2 years ago
All changes were made and video looks fantastic! Thank You
Reviewed by localvidguy almost 2 years ago
Love. Love. Love. Working with this artist.
Reviewed by dustindemeritt almost 2 years ago
Great service at a great price. If you need a video commercial, this is the gig to order!
Reviewed by rdfinkle almost 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by mywindowclean almost 2 years ago
Great seller! Very professional video editing. A++
Reviewed by samibdr almost 2 years ago
awesome work. Love it
Reviewed by trace1 almost 2 years ago
Great work, lovely animations, quick response. Would highly recommend!
Reviewed by gpanaz almost 2 years ago
Thanks bro! You are good!
Reviewed by elvinyeo8444 almost 2 years ago
Great Job
Reviewed by mms123 almost 2 years ago
create a Video COMMERCIAL for your Business or Product
create a Video COMMERCIAL for your Business or Product
create a Video COMMERCIAL for your Business or Product
create a Video COMMERCIAL for your Business or Product
MONAT Opportunity - Valerie Atkins

About This Gig

Animated Commerical videos are also known as demonstration videos.

Are web videos that supplement or replace textual information in audio-visual form. 
They are typically short, usually ranging from one to three minutes with 90 seconds generally being accepted as an ideal amount of time to convey key messages without losing audience attention.

A thousand people view your commercial in a weeks time, Business comes rolling in and life is great. Ya… I wish it were that simple.

We want to prevent you from making the same old mistakes that others make And save you a butt load of time in the process. That is a great deal.. Right? We want your adverts to be viewed more than 7 times.

There are 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute!

When competing with billions and billions of vides online, the higher quality the video, and the more unique, the higher chance there is for people to actually watch it.

The more the competition, the more the quality and unexpectedness really matters.

Grab it while you can!

P.S. Available in all color schemes

If any questions contact us before you make an order.