I will create a product video commercial

create a product video commercial
create a product video commercial
create a product video commercial
create a product video commercial

About This Gig

Product Review + Unboxing + Video Commercial Service!
Promote a product and increase sales!


Need a Script Written? - Please message us BEFORE ordering.

For $5 You Get:
Our actor presenting YOUR SCRIPT and holding your product. (Or showing it's picture)
(Max 50 word script for $5) - Additional words spoken are priced at $5 per 50 words.

Need more? - Add extras.

Rushed Delivery is available - PM Me First!

For $60 You Get:
Our 1 Minute Script (Optional)
Or We read 2:00 of your script (320 words)
Up to:
  • 2 Text Spots
  • 1 Picture
  • 1 Background Change
  • 1 Logo Shown
  • 1 Outro Screen

For $160 You Get:
At this level we help create your video from scratch! (video consultation optional)
Our 1:30 Minute Script (240 words) (Optional)
Or We read 3:00 of your script (500 words)
Up to:
  • 2 Background Changes
  • 2 Logos 
  • 5 Pictures
  • 5 Spots of Animated Text
  • + Music
  • + Animated Intro/Outro
  • +Website shown as moving video if Necessary (Briefly)

Extras for any package include:
1 Logo : $5 
1 Picture: $5
1 Video: $5
Outro Screen: $5
1 Animated Text (15 words): $5
BG Change: $10
Virtual Hanging TV : $10
Show your website as moving video: $20 - $40
Add YOUR / OUR music backing: $20 / $30

Our Script Writing = $25 per minute

Order Details

5 days delivery


This "Basic" package is for the actor to wear the Standard Black Shirt in front of the Silver Screen

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take finish the video?
    If the client requests a script. We take between 1-4 days writing the script. Videos Generally take 1-5 days to record and edit. Clients needing a script + video tend to have a 4-10 day waiting period depending on when their order was placed in relation to current orders.
  • Do you have a fee for sending products back?
    There is a $20 fee for me to send products back due to my location. You are expected to send a pre-paid shipping label AND/OR cover shipping costs COMPLETELY. Don't worry - We're worth every penny!
  • What if I am not sure how to order?
    Just send us a message and tell us what you need. There is no other way to put it than this ... Pricing a video is hard. We either have a set of questions and a basic price list for you to look at. Or you can tell us what you hope to spend on the video and it goes a LOT faster and smoother ;)
  • Do you offer any kind of support for your video gig here?
    We make GREAT videos and deliver in 1080p HD (.mp4) format. We are not responsible for what you do with the video or where you post it. We are not responsible for issues concerning your ability to do anything with the video. We just make them and send them. We are not fiverr tech support ;)
  • What if I have trouble downloading my video?
    Sorry this is an issue that is out of our control. We send the video here to fiverr through a standard order. If it's too large , we offer a dropbox link. That's all we offer. Any difficulty downloading the video unfortunately does not warrant a discount or refund on the order. Problems = rare
  • Can I see samples of your work?
    Yes , simply send us a message and we'll shoot over our dropbox work portfolio so you can see what we've done for clients in the past!