I will dance with poi to your music

Great Experience!
Reviewed by tonywelter 5 months ago
dance with poi to your music
dance with poi to your music
dance with poi to your music

About This Gig

Want someone to perform a really cool dance with poi and send you the video?
This is an amazing Poi spinning performance!

Ask to see a full video sample!

For $5 you get:

  • 30 seconds of 1080p HD Video! (mp4)
  • A Totally UNIQUE Dance. No Re-used Footage!
  • A former New Orleans street performer's performance!
  • Yours to share!

1) Send me the .mp3 or music file AS AN ATTACHMENT.
2) Let me know which 30 seconds you want me to perform to.
(or I'll pick)

About the dancer:
Hey everyone , I'm Devin and I've been performing poi dances for parties , weddings , and private lessons.  Spinning Poi helped me earn a living back in New Orleans when I was fire performing on the streets and for crowds. Here's your taste of a unique dance performance to use for whatever you want!

$5 Extras:

1) BEST SOUND QUALITY - I'll use your mp3 as the audio instead of the speaker's I'm dancing to outside.

 Add Some Text

3) Say something to the camera Before OR After the dance

$20 - Funpack
Add up to 2 lines of text
Sync Audio for max Quality
Say something Before AND After the Dance (~10 words each)
Add your Logo / Picture

$20 - Full Song Performance!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer fire performances? How much?
    You'd have to send me a message to determine my delivery date for it but I charge $75 to spin fire. Picking a song between 3-4 minutes is preferred for a fire performance. They burn out after around 4 minutes.
  • Do you sell Poi?
    Yes! We can sell them right here on fiverr. Our hand made and home made crocheted poi are one of a kind. With my years of experience spinning poi and my wife's years of crocheting . we've combined the two to make the best poi I've found yet. They sell for $75 per set + fiverr's site fee + shipping
  • Do you perform with GLOW poi? or LED poi?
    Yes I have a set and I'm working on a gig. Same pricing structure. Just ask for glow!