I will give you a psychic reading

give you a psychic reading
give you a psychic reading
give you a psychic reading

About This Gig

I will tune into your energy and give you a psychic reading based on my perception of your situation at hand. I can go based off of a specific question or do a general reading. In a general reading, I will let you know what it is that your spirit guides want you to know about your life right now. If you are giving me a specific question, I can tell you what it is that you want to know. The things you can ask about are:

  • Love
  • Work/ Career
  • Money
  • Family 
  • Friends

Note: I will not answer HEALTH QUESTIONS!!! A health question should be answered by a medical professional.

ATTENTION: All readings are based on the current energy of your life. NOTHING is set in stone. Any predictions made in this reading are subject to change at any moment. Life changes with your decisions and actions. I am not responsible for any predictions that don't come true. Everything is up to divine timing and the way things unfold are all a matter of your own attitude.

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