I will record the most outstanding percussion for your music

Amazing work thanks
Reviewed by hinesjoe 5 months ago
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Did what he said he would, plus extra! Most importantly, before schedule!!
Reviewed by tykne62 5 months ago
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Highly recommended. Pro work. Received many tracks of quality sounding percussion. And got revisions. All of this in a super timely manner. Will use again for sure.
Reviewed by albumguy 11 months ago
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Sounds awesome thanks so much mate very happy!
Reviewed by danirwin 12 months ago
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record the most outstanding percussion for your music

About This Gig

Vinas is a Brazilian professional percussionist with 25 years of career. He worked as studio musician, sideman, educator, soundtrack composer and has many instructional books and videos published. No matter the music style, or the percussion set, the result is amazing!

He is offering live percussion recording, using hi-end equip at high quality studios.  

For a basic gig ($5), you will have 1 minute of one single instrument
recorded. Define how many gigs you need based on your song. (partial time counts as 1 minute full) 
Example: if your song has 4:30 min and you want a shaker, a conga and a djembe, you need to contract 15 gigs (3 instruments x 5 min).

The records will be delivered in separated tracks, in high quality .wav files, ready to mix into your song. Delivery time is from 5 to 7 days.

For more $10 per track, we can professionally mix them for you (EQ, compress, FX, etc...).
For more $10, you also receive a bounced stereo wave file.

If you prefer, for a fixed price of 20 gigs ($100) you can get a complete package. Vinas will record a full percussion arrangement for your song, with several instruments, including the mixing and the bounce. Maximum music length: 5 minutes.    


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