I will create a Windows 8 App for your blog and website

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create a Windows 8 App for your blog and website
create a Windows 8 App for your blog and website

About This Gig

Get your blog on windows 8 ! I will create a app for your blog or website, where the users can read your blog in metro style !
The design of the app costs $5 and if you need the app on Windows App stores it costs $100. ( Even if you are uploading by your own you have to pay $100 for windows store account).  You can pay me $100 by ordering all gig extras. 
Its unbelievable and reasonable price because I have to design, crop, modify your logo in various dimensions. It takes equal amount of coding and design.

It is must for an app to be uploaded on Windows Store because the Windows 8 apps can't be shared like .exe or android applications.

You can preview the App designed and uploaded by me here

The app has the following features.
1.Displays recent posts from the blog.
2.Displays posts under recent categories.
3.App user can bookmark the post with in the app and can access bookmarked post whenever needed.
4."view post" button and "refresh" buttons so that the reader can view the post in the browser in original form and refresh the post whenever needed.
5. Supports Live tile and all recent posts will flows.
6.the app was only about 300-600KB 

Contact me before ordering the gig.