I will remove viruses and malware, and speed up your PC

remove viruses and malware, and speed up your PC

About This Gig

I can clean up, eliminate and destroy viruses and malware and speed up your PC/Computer.

We will be doing all of this through a wonderful little program called teamviewer. Teamviewer allows me to take temporary control over your computer so I can get to work. While running you can watch the whole time and should you feel unsafe you can cancel the connection so I can't access your computer anymore, it's a very safe process, and should you have any doubt, feel free to message me.

The step by step instructions are shortly described below:

  1. I will provide you with instructions on how to run Teamviewer (Remote Support).
  2. Once I have connected to your pc, I will start the process, during which you can ask me questions using the chat bar.
  3. If you decide to buy the extra fast delivery I will get to you guaranteed within 24 hours (usually 12), and if you buy the Ad Protection extra I will equip your pc with the tools to prevent you from getting ads on the internet and clicking on viruses like pop ups.
  4. After all this is done we can discuss any questions you may have left and if your PC is still experiencing problems you will get a free revision!

Thank you for considering my service, cheers!

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