I will create a FULL personal Numerology report for you

create a FULL personal Numerology report for you
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About This Gig

Your report will include 50+ pages based on your full name, your daily name, and date of birth. Well-written delineations for all of the major and minor numerological factors such as your Expression and Minor Expression numbers, your Cornerstone, the four Planes of Expression, your four Challenges and Pinnacles, and many, many more.

Your chart reading, including all of your signs and planets and dominant planets, signs, and elements. I will include all of your houses and give you a description of what your chart means for you.

This is a very detailed and comprehensive report, explaining to you the following:

  • Your life lessons
  • Karmic lessons
  • Your destiny
  • Life path
  • Hearts desires
  • Pinnacles
  • Life cycles
  • Mental, Physical & Spiritual transits
  • plus much more
  • Over 50 pages report

The report is something you need to have to give you insight into who you are, where you are going and why things are the way they are.

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 100% Satisfaction Guranteed
 Years of Experience

Delivered promptly in .PDF and .DOC format.

As an added extra you will also receive a forecast for 2016, month to month and day to day.

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