I will do A Numerology Compatibility Reading

do A Numerology Compatibility Reading

About This Gig

Choosing the best possible partner for yourself can mean the difference between happiness, bitterness, sadness, regret and stress. The seed from which a relationship grows is called compatibility, all other aspects of the relationship sprouts from there. How compatible are you with the person you choose? I do an extensive numerical and astrological analysis of compatibility.

A Numerology Compatibility Reading will take a look at the compatibility between you and a partner, friend, co-worker, or anybody else.

It will include:

  • Life Path's compatibility
  • Expression's compatibility
  • Heart's Desire's compatibility
  • Personality's compatibility
  • Personal Year's compatibility
  • Personal Month's compatibility

If you want to know more about the compatibility of you and someone then this is the gig for you.

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