I will set up and secure your home router

set up and  secure your home router

About This Gig

My services include configuration and support of any kind of desktop router for home or office use.
I will configure your router for internet connection over DSL, cable, broadband, wireless or any type of ISP connection  and secure it from unauthorized access.
I work on any kind of router including Cisco, Dlink, Netgear, Buffalo, TPLink, Mikrotik, DSL router, ISDN router etc.
I can also offer you honest advise on your network equipment or infrastructure.
Feel free to contact me and discuss any issues and challenges you have relating to networking, IP, LAN, WAN, Servers, Active Direcory, Firewall, VPN, Monitoring, SNMP, CIsco, Mkrotik etc.
I'll be happy to work hear from you.