I will type up to 10 minutes of audio into text

type up to 10 minutes of audio into text

About This Gig


I will accurately and professionally transcribe your audio up to 10 minutes of audio with one speaker into the document format of your choice. (Word, PDF, Text Document or others.)

As a native British English speaker with excellent spelling and grammar, I am very familiar with regional accents Irish, Scottish or Welsh accents and also very experienced in transcribing non-native English spoken accents.  This has been gained over 20+ years within Administration and transcription roles.  A touch typing speed of 80-90 words per minute with 95% accuracy every time.

As a native British English speaker the transcription services I can assist you with are:-

* Medical Transcription
* Business Transcription
* Academic Transcription
* Public speaking
* Research
* Video Transcripts for Closed Captions (see separate gig)
* Media Transcription
* Meetings
* Inventory Transcription
* Interview Transcription
* Insurance/Financial Services Transcription
* Sermon Transcription
* Podcast Transcription
* Investigative Transcription.

If your audio, podcast or webinar does not have the best sound quality please contact me first to avoid disappointment that I cannot assist you, but this is rare.