I will design a logo with free 3D variants and wallpapers

design a logo with free 3D variants and wallpapers
design a logo with free 3D variants and wallpapers
design a logo with free 3D variants and wallpapers
design a logo with free 3D variants and wallpapers
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About This Gig

Hello there!

Shall I design for you? --->Yes?
WoW! This gig won't let you down.

Protfolio Gallery->> http://imgur.com/a/Pvjub (copy paste in URL tab)

I can design a logo for your company, name, organisation, band, team, website, products or anything! Yep, you're at the right gig..

So, this is how the work's organised: ↴

  1. Create an order for this gig (You should do this!)
  2. I'll receive the order and confirm it.
  3. I'll start hitting some thousand clicks to bring a LoGoOoo! (I'll keep you updated on the work.) 
  4. Maximum time that'll be taken to deliver your logo will be 24 hours sharp. [I will let you know immediately once the logo is done]
  5. So, once it's done, you open up Fiverr having a notification from me. BaAmM! There's your logo!
  6. But wait, you wanna change something in that. Don't worry, you have up to 2 chances to request for any changes that needs to be done.
  7. So, there you go! You now have your cool logo, plus I had my pleasure having worked for you.
  8. And, then you continue rocking the world!

At the end, you'll have,
  • 2K Resolution | PNG and JPEG formats of logo.
  • Free 3D variants and wallpapers! (Awesome right?)

Interested? Let's get goin'!

Order Details

1 day delivery 2 Revisions

Get all the essential work done!

Basic 2D logo, [With free 3D variants & wallpapers guaranteed!] Get it all done under one package.

  • High Resolution
  • 3D Mockup
  • Logo Transparency
  • 1 Logo Included

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you also deliver within hours?
    Yes, of course. I love reaching to people ASAP who needs me. Your maximum waiting time for the logo to be delivered is 1 day sharp. However, I'll let you know immediately once the work has been done [ Also, I'll try to deliver the work within hours for my loving customers :3].
  • What if I want another logo variant?
    I can make 'n' number of logos for you. If you expect some variants on color, sizes or some minor changes I'll make them for free [up-to 2 revisions]. If you want another logo which changes totally in design, then you have to opt for my 'gig extra' which will charge another 5$ + a day to deliver.
  • What about those free 3D variants and wallpapers?
    If you are interested in my logo design and are about to complete your order. I guarantee that, you will get 3D variants with 1080p wallpapers by the end!
  • I want to see your previous designs. Where are they?
    It's all there in here -->> http://imgur.com/a/Pvjub <> virtualmakes.blogspot.com
  • 100 % Cashback guaranteed?
    Yes, of-course! I know that, it isn't easy to earn a 5$ nor to waste one. I will update with previews of the work I do, so you'll get a glimpse of what am doing. When you feel that you're not liking my work (I bet you won't :3), there you go, you'll get your refund back, where I will go super sad.
  • A social media kit?
    You can opt for a social media kit as a 'gig extra'. If you have ordered one, I can make cover pictures using this logo for facebook, youtube; profile pictures, 2D digital banners (with dimensions of your choice.) and such things. This will take a day extra to deliver.
  • Can you reproduce/ remake/ stylise any pre-made logos, sketches, or pixellated pics?
    Yes, that would greatly help me, as it gives me the concept and the design idea quickly. I can redo any of your pictures, stylized with perfection and high resolution. There is a separate field of option here on this gig to upload such documents once you place an order.
  • Your submission for stationery designs?
    Stationery designs for the logo is a 'gig extra' offered by me. If you've ordered, you may have to give all the size dimensions necessary to make one. Upon your order to get a business card, physical wallpaper design and such things, I'll craft one. This will take a day extra to deliver.