I will send you a Kabbalah red string for good luck

send you a Kabbalah red string for good luck

About This Gig

Kabbalah red string bracelet for success and good luck. It can be worn either as a religious symbol or as a protective amulet for both men and women. 

The history of Kabbalah (which means to receive in Hebrew) refers to the receiving of oral teachings that came from Jewish spiritualism and mysticism and were documented in the Zohar book. Kabbalah was such a mysterious practice that Jews were forbidden to study its teachings until they reached 40 years of age for fear that they would lose their minds!

Consistent with the teachings, Kabbalah jewelry is meant to protect from the wrath of the evil eye. It is also worn as a symbol to bring good fortune, health, and success. 

Get yours today and change your luck in life!