I will teach you mathematics and statistics

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teach you mathematics and statistics
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About This Gig

Whether you are worrying about a mathematics or statistics exam that is coming up, you have a topic you don't fully understand in math, or you are just interested in a math topic and wants to learn more about it, this is an excellent place for you! With a few dollars, I will prepare you a lecture note (typed) on any math topic you are interested in or needs a review or help on. Additionally, I can also make you practice questions with solutions, mock exams with solutions, or even a cheat sheet on any topic(s) you need a review on or are interested in.

I have extensive experience in mathematics and statistics including how it can be applied to other disciplines such as economics, business, finance, engineering, science, and etc. since I am an Applied Mathematics major student. So, I am the perfect person to help you!

Note that 1 gig will give you either a lecture note, 10 practice questions with solutions, or mock exams (10 questions) with solutions for an Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, or other lower level math courses depending on your specification. For Calculus - level math and Statistics courses, please see the "extras" section.

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