I will do ebay and amazon Jobs

do ebay and amazon Jobs

About This Gig

I have developed below app.

1: Ebay  scrapper App to scrape products,brands,category and pictures   of particular store.

2: Amazon  scrapper App to scrape products,brands,category and pictures  of particular store.

3: Developed an app to scrape products of amazon,smokecartel.com.www.ioffer.com,www.grasscity.com

   Below is details:
   a) Input file of product urls.
   b) out put file contains product information like         ('Name','Picture','price') etc.
   c) Download product Images 
   d) Resize image utility.

4: Developed an app to update description of products on ebay.
  Below id details
  1: Functionality to download excel file of products having 2 columns(Itemid,description)
 3: Upload excel file to update description of items on ebay having 2 columns(item id and description).

5: Ebay app to scrape distinct seller details on the basis of category that you have select in app or on the basis of search string. Out put file have following columns
 a) Address
 b)Email Id.
 c) Store url.
 d) Have store design.

Please contact me if any one interested in these apps and want to develop new app.