I will consult you to improve the content on your website

consult you to improve the content on your website
consult you to improve the content on your website

About This Gig

Your hard work might not bring any significant results unless you create the right type of content. The content which aligns with the type of your site and is suitable to your audience - it's crucial.

Often, the reason why your content doesn't bring the outcomes which you expect is because you're not creating what your audience prefers. And sometimes, there are tiny flaws which go unnoticed.

I can help you fix that.

I'll audit your website and write down all the details which you can tweak to enhance you site - such that it favors your audience and brings out more engagement.

I'll work up all the specific things you can act upon, such as headlines, elements used on your site, content format and other considerable things, and list them in a PDF which you can refer in future as well.

Also, I'll include resources which you can use to implement specific steps so that you don't need to spend time unproductively by searching for tools, plugins, etc. which will save a lot of your time.

Although outcomes aren't always guaranteed, we can work on the things which can be made better and try to get closer to perfection.

Sound fair to you? Hope so.

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I'll consult you to improve your site content, and suggest you the ways to make it audience focused.

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