I will sync your Google Chrome user account

sync your Google Chrome user account

About This Gig

Ever used a new work/home computer or mobile device and thought, "Wow, do I really have to look for all my old bookmarks and save them again??" Or do you hassle with adjusting font sizes, bookmarks, background themes, or privacy settings and other preferences each time someone else uses your device? Let me help!

I can help sync your Chrome browser so that when you browse the web:
  • You can log in anywhere and it'll look and feel just like your home device. One, consistent, online experience.
  • You can print from your cloud connected printers no matter where you are!
  • All your favorite Google services like Gmail and Drive are at your fingertips
  • Each person browsing on your device can keep their preferences, bookmarks and history to themselves, thus not interfering with your workflow or virtual feng shui 

So what are you waiting for? Let me help you get at least part of your life in sync.

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