I will configure Apache on server

configure Apache on server

About This Gig

I will setup and configure Nginx or Apache.

I have expert knowledge of  apache and nginx. I will do the tuning according to the load, will provide you suggestions regarding the java script, image load on the website.  will also provide you the suggestion regarding MySQL , if it is not tuned. 

I will also provide apache securities which will prevents getting your website vulnerable to attacks. 

Features of NGiNX:

 Load balancer

 Web server

 Content caching

 Reverse proxy server

I'm providing following services:

1. Configure Ngnix for caching

2. Install Ngnix Server on any Linux VPS or Windows

3.  Integrate it with Apache to get best of both Apache & Ngnix.

4.  Create Multiple Server Blocks(Virtual Hosts)

5. Setup HTTPS

6.  Rewrite htaccess

7.  reverse proxy server   

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Thanks and Good Luck!!!


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