I will do any Excel VBA Macro chart formula convert

do any Excel VBA Macro chart formula convert

About This Gig

I have over than 8 years data analysis experience with Excel Macro with VBA (Visual Basic Applications), and I definitely can help you as well.

I'm part of the team of professional developers and actually can do virtually everything. We always have free resources for you and your gig will be completed as soon and professional as ever possible.

I always quick answer all inquiries.

Will do any of Excel Macro VBA related work:

  • Excel Macro with VBA (Visual Basic Applications)
  • Data Cleaning - Removing Duplicates
  • Data Mining and Web Data Extraction
  • Adding references to sheets and cells
  • Excel VBA Forms and scripting
  • Any Kind of Automation Excel to Access or Access to Excel Data Transfering
  • Copy Excel Charts & Tables to PowerPoint
  • Extract Data from the web Through VBA
  • Charts, diagrams and graphs
  • Excel VBA Formula and functions, even very complex with MATH and STATISTICAL methods.
  • FINANCIAL analysis, formula, balance sheet and other

  • Convert Word/Excel/Powerpoint/text to web page
  • Converting pdf/doc/txt/CSV files to excel
  • Uploading/Downloading data from MySQL

PLEASE, CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER to avoid any misunderstandings. I reserve the right to CANCEL all orders that don't follow this rule.