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Description Backpack Silver Duffel Bag Suit Case
  Get the best value on flight, hotel, or car rental (select one). Plan & book a vacation or cruise to a single destination (delivery times depend on trip complexity). Plan & book multiple destinations, weddingmoons, group vacations or cruises (delivery times vary).
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About This Gig

With this gig, you'll have the resources of a full-service travel agency at your beckoned call. With access to numerous suppliers, we can beat any deal you find online 90% of the time with 90% less headache!

We have access to perks and extras most travelers have no idea are available to them. For the small price of $5, you could receive savings and extras that far outweigh such a small investment. Talk about value!

If your needs are more complex, take a look at our standard and premium packages.*

Backpack Packages:
  • Book a flight, hotel, or car rental, select one (Backpack Silver)
  • Book a flight, hotel, and/or car rental, select two (Backpack Gold)
  • Book a flight, hotel, and car rental (Backpack Platinum)

Duffel Bag Package*:
  • Plan single destination vacation or cruise (multiple ports of call count as single destination)
  • Backpack Gold included at no extra charge

Suitcase Package*:
  • Plan multiple destination vacation, weddingmoon, group vacation or group cruise (8+ clients)
  • Backpack Platinum included at no extra charge

         **Duffel Bag and Suitcase Package fees are refunded once you book your trip!**