I will fun Gramps or Granny Insult Puppet Video Message or Ad

Thanks mate - well done and just in time for christmas
Reviewed by jacobmuller about 2 months ago
Outstanding work.
Reviewed by cerroner 6 months ago
Amazing work!
Reviewed by chrislied 7 months ago
Very creative! I've used this seller's service twice now. He is highly recommended. One of the best on Fiverr!
Reviewed by grimbobby 8 months ago
Side-splittingly funny! Easy to work with and get a great result. Just ran with it and owned the performance. Btw, get the video upgrade, cheap and it makes it even funnier. Highly recommended
Reviewed by newventurejapan about 1 year ago
Great work! I like the different backgrounds that were chosen. This seller is my favorite.
Reviewed by grimbobby about 1 year ago
Absolutely Fantastic. Couldn't be happier with it. Thanks very much Voiceoverall!!
Reviewed by camfoster almost 2 years ago
Reviewed by piercelilholt almost 2 years ago
This grandma rocks!!! Yowww!
Reviewed by nylah91babu over 2 years ago
Totally awesome. Loved it thank you!!!!
Reviewed by harrysvideos almost 3 years ago
Thank you Kevin! Just what I wanted!
Reviewed by sterling628 over 3 years ago
fun Gramps or Granny Insult Puppet Video Message or Ad
fun Gramps or Granny Insult Puppet Video Message or Ad
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About This Gig

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the VOICEOVERALL link to see all my great gigs!

PLEASE Please READ ---  READ  the information below. 

Note: I do over 100 different voices so, if you have a request let me know. fiverr "find services" search: voice over bandit. I'm the guy in red.

Hey fiverr fans! Have Grampa Whittle or Granny Gotcha convey your message.  


1. $5/1 gig = voice over only - your script or talking points up to 100 words. Delivered in your choice of easily down loadable mp3 or wav file.

2. Add $5, to that voice over, option 1, and have a professional puppet deliver your message in a video via an easily down loadable mp4 file. This option includes your choice of Blue, Green, Yellow or 'House Picture' background.

I write Scripts too! 

See "Gig Extras" below to add more words or puppets. 

Adding more puppets makes your message more interesting to hear and watch! See my "1 of 13 Puppets U Pick" and other gigs below for all available puppets.

Note: Add/have more puppets featured in your video - in order to best "present" each puppet, they wont be together in the same "frame". 

I will answer any of your questions as soon as I can. 

Thank you!  - Kevin