I will pick of 13 Character Voice Over or Puppets Video Ad Message

Amazing! I´ll be back for more in a few days, gonna let you rest for a bit :) Great performance as always!
Reviewed by tordenviking 6 months ago
This was a great experience, truly great to work with you! This video is exactly what we wanted!
Reviewed by awiener26 8 months ago
Great Listener, Delivers Quality Work, and Made sure I was happy.
Reviewed by bent_fabric 9 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by str8upvapours 12 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by str8upvapours 12 months ago
Thanks Kevin, you have done an excellent job and I am happy that I found your service. Mate we are still laughing at the videos. You have brought a lot of fun to our fans on Facebook. Highly recommend his service. God bless
Reviewed by glennrodrix about 1 year ago
The puppets rule! Awesome job with the video!
Reviewed by rodeorobot about 1 year ago
Absolutely outstanding! Vote 1 - VoiceOverall for talent, thoroughness in preparation and creativity. Can't wait for a future project!!
Reviewed by davidwalker1 about 1 year ago
Fast commission work
Reviewed by miapsaart over 1 year ago
One more time
Reviewed by miapsaart over 1 year ago
Excellent customer service!!
Reviewed by pincheshirts almost 2 years ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by mamavan21 over 2 years ago
Good Job. Quick response. Friendly Flexible Seller Clear gig, seller delivered as promised. Would recommend!
Reviewed by hypeagent about 3 years ago
Honest to God, hollyluya praise the lord! Pass the tambourine this guy is the second coming! Or VoiceOverAll has the best gigs on fiverr and with so many I'll be back again and again. Always blown away!
Reviewed by starlingkiller over 3 years ago
pick of 13 Character Voice Over or Puppets Video Ad Message
pick of 13 Character Voice Over or Puppets Video Ad Message
Steamit Pup 7 Video
Rock Rage Radio Pedro
Sceen 1 - 5 19 16
Str8UpVapors Lucky w Pics 3 10
Str8UpVapors Lucky 3 10
VFG Clip 6 Redone
Chef Sergio 1 6 16
8 21 Her Calander
8 21 The Fish

About This Gig

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see all the great fiverr gigs by clicking on the VOICEOVERALL link.

This is an amazing gig! Pick from 13 voices and/or puppets from this "Pick A Puppet Gig". Also, you can pick puppets from any of my other gigs here on fiverr! just give me their name(s). 



1. $5/1 gig = voice over only - your script or talking points up to 100 words. Delivered in your choice of easily down loadable mp3 or wav file.

2. Add $5, to that voice over option and have a professional puppet deliver your message in a video via an easily down loadable mp4 file. This option includes your choice of a blue, yellow or grey background. 

See "Gig Extras" below to add more words or puppets.

Adding more puppets makes your message more interesting to hear and watch and adding more puppets into your script is easy. All you need to do is put the name or number of the puppet before what you want them to say. Example: P4 - Pam is having a baby. P12 - When? P13 - Soon! 

Best on fiverr! With my "cut & connect" technique I can have 2 or more of my puppet characters talk with each other without "frame crowding" because they are never in the picture/frame at the same time.