I will west Cowboy Puppet Video or Voice Over Web Ad or Fun Message

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by hunterzpointz 4 months ago
Reviewed by grockman 4 months ago
Fast delivery. Easy to work with. Great communication. Gave me a great video that I can't wait to share with folks. He even included a nice little extra that was the cherry on top.
Reviewed by rjbartunek 7 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by rjbartunek 7 months ago
Loved it!!!
Reviewed by grockman 7 months ago
Perfectly measured voice. I gave a very simple description of what we needed and he delivered on point. Would love to work with him again. Thanks!
Reviewed by swdfshmarketing 8 months ago
00:00 / 00:00
Great example of what good customer service should be
Reviewed by hortadiez 10 months ago
Thanks Kevin!
Reviewed by crittersfan 11 months ago
00:00 / 00:00
Loved it! Will order many more.
Reviewed by hugomatz about 1 year ago
Great to work with! Friendly, reasonable rates, great comm, and fast turnaround time..one day! Will be back again for sure! Thanks Again!
Reviewed by skwirl1 about 1 year ago
A thing of beauty. Well done. Quick and with all of the enthusiasm of a Hollywood production. Cannot recommend more highly, especially when there are "other" video clients on this site that are difficult to work with. Not here. It was a joy from start to finish.
Reviewed by cjland about 1 year ago
Love you were super fast commission so thank you
Reviewed by miapsaart over 1 year ago
Perfect!!! Thanks Kevin! I'll be back for more! :)
Reviewed by brendamw over 1 year ago
Reviewed by piercelilholt almost 2 years ago
Very professional. Would use again.
Reviewed by crawlinboston about 2 years ago
Excellent. LOL. I love how it came out.
Reviewed by fastcopywriter about 2 years ago
Hahaha, this dude makes some good videos man. Highly recommended to order from this guy!
Reviewed by invisibledude over 2 years ago
Bravo! I created a funny cowboy love letter script and the cowboy puppet nailed it! Thank you so much!
Reviewed by joevanwyk over 2 years ago
Great job, Will use you again.
Reviewed by kudzu4u almost 3 years ago
Love it and thanks for the support!
Reviewed by georgebirge about 3 years ago
west Cowboy Puppet Video or Voice Over Web Ad or Fun Message
west Cowboy Puppet Video or Voice Over Web Ad or Fun Message
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About This Gig

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the VOICEOVERALL link to see all my great gigs!

PLEASE READ ---  READ the information below. 

Note: I do over 100 different voices so, if you have a request let me know. fiverr "find services" search: voice over bandit. I'm the guy in red.

Howdy fiverr fans! Have a cowboy or Mexican bandit convey your message.


1. Basic Gig/$5 = voice over only - your script or talking points up to 120 words. Delivered in your choice of easily down loadable mp3 or wav file.

2. Add $5, to that voice over option and have a professional puppet deliver your message in a video via an easily down loadable mp4 file. This option includes  "Western Prairie" background.

I write scripts  too!

See "Gig Extras" below to add more words or puppets.

Adding more puppets makes your message more interesting to hear and watch! See my "1 of 13 Puppets U Pick" and other gigs below for all available puppets.

Note: If you want to add/have more puppets featured in your video - in order to best "present" each puppet, they will never be together in the same "frame". 

I will answer any of your questions as soon as I can. 

Thank you. - Kevin