I will make you a birthday rap song

make you a birthday rap song
make you a birthday rap song

About This Gig

Worldwide, music is something that most individuals relate to the important people, places, milestones, and emotions in their life. The more identifiable a song is, the more identifiable it becomes for one. 

That's why if you're looking to give a loved one a memory that will last a lifetime, do it through music! We all love a light-hearted tune that can make us smile, yet touch our hearts at the same time. Through the upbeat styling of Hip Hop, I can make that possible for you!

Not only will it entertain your loved ones, but it'll have the guests of your party talking for years to come! 

Sure, a greeting card will work, as it has for THOUSANDS of others who give & receive them daily, BUT, it's nothing compared to hearing a UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND song CUSTOMIZED for you!


4 bars = 4 gigs
8 bars = 6 gigs
16 bars (1 full verse)  = 10 gigs 
16 bars + one chorus = 16 gigs